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Howdy! I am a transfer student double majoring in applied mathematics and computer science; math is what I am good at. I am transferring to A&M with a 4.0 and have taken Calculus 1, 2, & 3. I love helping people and have always taught others in my calculus courses. I have tutored before and I am hoping to continue tutoring.

Female MATH 102, 150, 151, & 152 $15.00

I have made As in all the classes I put up for tutoring, and have tutored other students before. My email is: if you want to contact me. Thank you!

Male BIOL 111,112; CHEM 101,102; BIOL 351; PHYS 201,202 $15.00

I am a native Chinese speaker and I have been here for two years. I have experience tutoring Chinese courses like CHIN 101 and CHIN 102. I could explain terms well and help you to finish the exercises. Several students came to me last year and they did get their grades up. The material you learn from the class might not be native and I can tell you how Chinese talk and write in real life!

Male CHIN 101 102 $0.00
I am a transfer student. I worked full-time for a semester at a tutoring center in Galveston before I transferred. Tutored Chemistry, Physics and Math. Was relied upon to tutor the more difficult subjects in Galveston. I can give a reference if needed. I am very easy-going, patient, and knowledgeable about the basic foundations and concepts that you will encounter in math or science.
Male Calculus, Chemistry and Physics $15.00