Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to register with my email address?
Registering with your email address ensures that only Texas A&M students are making transactions with other Texas A&M students.

How do I reset my password?
You can change your password whenever you'd like.  If you can't remember your password and are not logged in, click "Request new password" under the menu bar.  You may then enter your email address or username and an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password.

If you are logged into your account and want to change your password, click on My Account, then the Edit tab.  You may then enter a new password for your account and save it at the bottom of the page.

What do I do if I forget my username?
In order to access your username, you must click "Request new password" under the menu bar.  You will then enter your email address and an email will be sent to you with a link to edit your account information.  On your account profile page, you will find your username. There is no need to reset your password.


Why can't I view a listing's details when I am not logged in?
You must be logged in to view the details of any listing because this page contains a form to contact the seller.  You must be logged in to contact a seller.

How do I search for a book by course?
You can search for a book by course by selecting the department then the course number in the drop down box.  You must click the Search button to complete the search.

How do I view or edit my listings?
Click the My Posts tab on the menu bar while you are logged in.  You will see a list of all your listings.  You may click on any listing and click its Edit tab to change or delete it.

How long will my listings be active?
All listings will display for six months.  We encourage you to delete your listing if you no longer need your advertisement so you will not be contacted by other members.

Are there any fees to pay on Books to Bucks?
No!  It is absolutely free to use every aspect of the Books to Bucks website.  When you sell your books 100% of the sales are yours!

More Information:

How can I found out more about Books to Bucks?
Click on "About" in the bottom menu bar.

Have other questions?  Email us at