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Title Author ISBN Condition Price

Great Condition. Needed for Psychology 107 with Jay Schumacher. 

Daniel Coleman 9780553383713 Like New $7.00

Needed for Psychology 107 with Jay Schumacher. Great Condition. 

David Eagleman 9780307389923 Like New $7.00

Needed for Psychology 107 with Jay Schumacher. Great Condition. 

William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White 9780205309023 Like New $5.00

Good Quality, looseleaf textbook. Open to negotiation on price. 

John C. Kotz 9781305256651 Like New $115.00

This book is in very good condition, and I am willing to negotiate a little on the price. 

John B. Penson 9780133379488 Like New $130.00
Bounds, Laura, Darnell, Gayden 9781465207128 Good $15.00

Lab Manual for MEEN 260. A few notes through out the book other than that it's in new condition


Bryan Ramussen Na Good $10.00

I havn't even used the online code. 

Laura Bounds 9781465207128 New $40.00

Special Edition for Texas A&M University

Stephen E. Lucas 9780077687885 Like New $50.00


Dirk Mateer 9780393124071 Like New $120.00

Willing to negotiate!

Reece, Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky, Jackson 9780321775658 Like New $100.00
Goolsbee, Levitt, Syverson 9781464161254 Like New $100.00

Can't remember exact course this was for... Text me for pics

N. Gregory Mankiw 9780538453042 Like New $50.00

Need gone $50 obo

Keith D. Swim 9781269399944 Good $50.00
Texas A&M University 9781259164644 Like New $35.00
Baltzan 9780073376820 Like New $75.00
Vesma Grinfelds 9780840048073 Like New $20.00

Paper-back, practically new

Jon R. Bond and Kevin B. Smith 9780415810517 Like New $30.00
Haviland 978111183344 Like New $40.00
Sheridan 978048626687 New $2.00
gainor 97803939215 Like New $35.00
Cissik 007353613X Like New $15.00
Alan Brinkley 0077379497 Like New $35.00

Book is in great condition. The few markings in it are in pencil.

William H. Bassichis 9780962467141 Like New $45.00

Looseleaf. In good condition with no pen or highlighter marks. I had Nataliya Pakhotina.

Hubbard R. Glenn and Anthony Patrick O'brien 9780132961660 Like New $40.00