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Title Author ISBN Condition Price

The book will be in a binder, I bought it new for around $69 the price for the used in the bookstore run about $52. This was for Dr. Rahns class

Knox, D., Schacht, C., & Whatley, M. 9781627519601 New $30.00

Brand new book.

Kevin Pritchard and John Eliot 9781591845454 New $15.00
Lisa P. Masteralexis, Carol A. Barr, Mary A. Hums 9781449691950 Like New $50.00

I used this book a year ago and it looks brand new. All pages are in the book, no marks or tears. 

John Eliot 9781682302231 Like New $12.00

This is a loose leaf textbook that has never been used!

John C. Kotz 978-113394964 New $20.00

Spiral bound. Used one semester.  Has minor highlighting marks and I did take some notes in the manual.  Filled in some of the Exercises and a few Tables. All the pages are intact and...

Harris-Haller 9780738081922 Good $25.00

Used book, good condition, no writing or highlighting.

Camba, Otey, Whiteacre 9781256804451 Good $20.00
Rand McNally 9780321652003 Like New $15.00
Richard M. Perloff 9780415507424 Like New $50.00
Halbert, Ingulli, Cross, Miller 9781305293885 Good $20.00
Chuck Williams 9781285419664 Good $25.00
Dirk Meteer and Lee Coppock 9780393263183 Like New $20.00
Stokstad, Marilyn, Cothren, Michael 0134303954 Like New $50.00

Includes both textbook and study guide, I have only highlighted the first cahpater besides that the book has barely been touched and is in great condition.

Kieth Swim 9781269524247 Like New $40.00

Brand new book, still in shrink wrap and it includes the unscratched CONNECT code. I accidentally bought 2 books for this class online and can't return them :/ so it's in perfect condition I just...

Brewer 9781259300158 New $100.00

Required textbook used for MATH 151/152 labs.

Amos Gilat 9780470767856 Fair $5.00

PHYS 218 Don't Panic texbook. Much cheaper than buying it from the bookstore!

William Bassichis 9780962467146 Good $30.00

Fantastic condition, basically brand new even has the smell of a new book. No notes or highlighting inside. Used for DCED 202, despite the listing of course above. 

Gerald Jones 9780810927919 Like New $20.00

Excellent condition. Bought this new from the MSC for Fall 2016 with Professor Hailey, comes with study guide in back. No highlighting. 

Cross and Miller 9781305292710 Like New $50.00

Fantastic condition, basically new, hardback cover, very high quality. No highlighting or wear

Porter & Norton 9781285182957 Like New $35.00

Book has virtually no wear and tear, just a tag from when I bought it

Amos Gilat 9780470767856 Like New $35.00

The University Physics Textbook, very little use, the covers a little bent, but besides that in good condition

Young and Freedman 9780321500625 Good $30.00
Lowi 9780393250589 Like New $30.00

Used last semester for Pols 207 Lim class and nothing has changed

Tucker & Luttbeg 0000000000000 Good $20.00

This copy is loose leaf but comes in a binder.

Hugh D. Young, Roger A Freedman 9781323128565 Like New $30.00