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About Books to Bucks

Books to Bucks was created by Aggies for Aggies. We created this site so Texas A&M students can easily sell their textbooks to other Aggies and buy books from other Aggies. You make more money when selling and save more when buying!  Simply list your books on, other Aggies contact you, then you meet on campus to deliver your books and get your money.  Buying from other Aggies is just as easy!  You have to register with your email address, so you know you are making a transaction with another student!  Books to Bucks is FREE to use so post your books and start connecting with other Aggies!

You can also post roommate listings, sublet listings, tutoring services and any stuff you need to sell.  Books to Bucks is easy to use and everything about the site is free.  

Thanks and Gig 'em!
Lauren Halliday '12
Warren Halliday '16


The bookstores offer practically nothing for your textbooks when you sell them back.  It's a hassle to go to the post office to ship a book when you sell it online to make more money.  Used books at the bookstore are way overpriced and many times you request used and they only have new. You might be leery of using Craigslist because you don’t know who you might be meeting.  These are the reasons we created Books to Bucks. 
Just post your books on our website so that other Aggies can buy them from you.  You get more money for your books and other Aggies pay less than they would for used books at the bookstore.  Plus, you can list those books that are exclusive to A&M or come in a big packet.

Roommates and Sublets:
While there are other places to post roommate listings, it is always good to get your information in front of as many people as possible.  So if you need a roommate, or if you are looking for one, use Books to Bucks.
If you make extra money by offering your tutoring skills, post your information on Books to Bucks.  Get your name everywhere you can so other students can find you.
You brought a lot of stuff to Aggieland but maybe you don’t need some of it anymore.  Sell it in our general classifieds.  You’re a student and another student most likely needs what you have. 
Like our Facebook page so we can keep you up to date on what’s happening on Books to Bucks.  Share with your friends so they can save on textbooks too!